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Here they are, our State Representatives. “The Cop”, “The Mom in Tennis Shoes”, and “Whatever, I Need to Work Somewhere”. I’ve tried to locate the email addresses for these folks on-line to no avail. What they offer is a form on their respective pages to be filled out, along with a message, and sent into the ether with the hope that it will find the intended recipient. I don’t care type my message three times, so I will convey my thoughts here, then send them a link via their little forms.

Folks [Dave, Patty and Maria], I have some concerns. First, all of you are too nice to be effective.

Dave’s done a pretty good job of moving up the charts in the House, making it to the Ways and Means Committee. But honestly Dave, how many years of hob-knobbing do you plan to invest before you say something that matters? Are you under the impression that you have to hang around for 10+ years before anyone will listen? Sure, everyone likes a nice guy. But what the country needs right now, and especially us out here in the Northwest corner, is some backbone. I haven’t seen your name in the paper since Nov 4, 2008, and that bothers me.

Patty is working hard for the improvement of the treatment of our veterans. Nothing could be more noble. However, how much more chatting around this subject is necessary? You’re the self-proclaimed “Mom In Tennis Shoes”. I suggest you put on those shoes and move on…to anything else. The veterans issues are pretty well known, but your approach is too nice, and too timid. You have a kick-ass issue there. Get LOUD, and get the changes done. Heck, you’ve been there long enough to throw your weight around. Call Oprah for gosh sake. I bet you have a ton of stories that would quickly fill more than an hour. At least call Larry King. But get moving on this thing. Once the Iraq war is wound down, you won’t get the interest level as high again. In fact, you may have already missed the mark.

Maria, Maria, Maria. What are we to do with you? You’ve been there how many years? And you have all the punch of a loaf of white bread. Then, out of the blue, I read that you plan to vote, or have voted, in opposition to the Bush proposed, and Obama endorsed, bailout plan. Yes, there is great uncertainty there. But there is no uncertainty concerning the state of the economy. Then again Maria, are you unsure about what’s going on out here in the land of reality? Maybe you should call your Mom. Ask her how her neighbors are doing. Maybe she’ll tell you about her checker at QFC that’s been working doubles for the last six months because her husband was laid off, not to mention the five year arm that is in its last 6 months before that bomb goes off. Since the Feds have cranked up the heat on the quality of mortgage applicants, the checker doesn’t qualify to refi the house she bought 5 years ago. I really have no idea what it is that you do. But I am acutely aware that I have not heard your voice, or seen your name in type……for…..years.

Patty and Maria, [Dave’s off the hook because he wasn’t in the game yet] I wrote to you prior to the first vote for the first allocation of money for Bush’s war in Iraq. Check your archives. It should be around. I still have the responses you sent back. At that time I warned you that funding the war was wrong, and that it would uncategorically create financial havoc in our fragile economy. I wasn’t anti-war in the pacifist sense. I was anti-war because it was stupid and fiscally irresponsible. No WMD’s, not much Al Quaida, but we sure did a good job of shortening the life span of about 500,000 innocent people. Although the actual number may never be known. I believe that I touched on the fact that it’s only been 150 years since our own civil war, and it was unreasonable to expect the tribes of Iraq to reconcile their differences and become a democracy overnight……because we tell them to. Anyway, I have to get this off my chest: I told you so.

Now, for the matters at hand. ARE YOU DEAF AND DUMB??!!??!! You, our Washington contingent are sort of the exemplary wimps of our Federal Government. Where is the incredulity at what is occurring ON YOUR WATCH? You can’t send out a statement about your anger at the early bonuses for the Merrill-Lynch crooks? You have nothing to say about the AIG $500,000 retreat? You’re OK with the same guys running the show, both on Wall Stret, and DC, that have run us into the ground?

It was the funniest thing in the paper today. It is being considered that The Fed become the big watchdog over all financial institutions, where they now only watch over 800+ banks. This may sound crazy, but my guess is that most believed, whether it was the SEC, IRS, The Fed, or even Homeland Security, that someone was watching the store. GEEZE, it was only a few years ago that the country was about blown away by ENRON. Doesn’t anyone learn, or follow-up on stuff like this? Corporate tendancies that indicate that business is not being conducted normally? Was no one at all paying attention when WAMU reported…..FOR YEARS… that it was booking unpaid interest on its negative amortization loans as profit….year….after year……after year? And everyone shuddered for months that might fail. Anyone who knew that one aspect about that bank knew, then and there, they were done.

So now we have a bigger problem, and it’s just like 1991, only worse.  Can you remember back that far? Desert Storm and the S & L crises. Things were going pretty good. Not as crazy as 2007, but pretty good. Then a bunch of overextended, overspeculating savings and loans failed, ala Charles Keating and the like. That was not a good time to apply for a loan. Like now, with the Feds looking under every bank teller’s chair, the pendulum swung waaay too far over, suffocating legitimate businesses that had done nothing wrong, but their business lines of credit were chopped, right when they needed them most, with no more explanation that we are getting today.

Here’s the big question for all three of you: if the banks are not going to lend the taxpayers dollars you keep giving them, what’s the point? I implore all of you to get incredulous, get loud, get angry, but get that money moving out the doors of those bank recipients, or all will be for naught. Are there no conditions on those funds? The money is just handed to these knuckleheads with no accountability about how to use it? There is no time limit?

Here’s an idea: the goverment should just take over B of A. Use all of the money to refinance those that have not already lost their homes, get those credit lines going again with the hundreds of thousands of small businesses across this country. People would start to feel good again in a big hurry. Waht happens when people feel good? They spend money. As for the car companies? forget about them. As evidenced by their collective private jet junkett to DC to plead for cash, they don’t deserve anything. Their labor union needs to have a long conversation with itself. It will have the time to do that when most of them are unemployed. The workers are arrogant, and the products are uncompetitive… have been for years. Heck, I just watched “An Inconvenient Truth” for the first time about a month ago. It was uncanny how accurate Gore’s auto production charts were back then. It was dead on with what we are seeing today. How can the auto industry base its product on the price of gas today when it takes, according to them, up to five years to design and build something new? They say they can’t afford to design more efficient cars? Can they afford not to? Again, that union has to have a VERY serious conversation with itself. The concessions they have won over the years may cost them all of their jobs. Heck, I was talking with a lady the other day that was saying that her father, a retired autoworker, was worried that he wouldn’t get his free, brand new car every year. What the heck does a retired guy need with a new car every year? If they have health insurance they’re doing better than about half the country to begin with.

My big concern is that darned pendulum. It has swung too far. No bank is sure if they can write a loan for anyone. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac raised their fees?…….NOW? That’s just outright craziness. Another wrench in the gears. Again, they mismanaged themselves, so we get to pay for it. Seriously, folks. We need a Federal Bank, and we need it now. You say the government cannot be in the banking business? Well guess what? You already are. Either you accept the fact and learn to run it, or get ready to accept the blame when this thing really crashes on your head.

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  1. Right on Bill, nothing more could be said that would improve what you have already stated. AS I said in my other comment, we may need term limits to eliminate the do nothing people we have already in place. Tom

  2. Well, just for the record, I sent Maria an “e-mail” yesterday after I heard the news about the reduction on the home purchase tax credit and the deletion of the 5 year loss write-off provision.

    I haven’t heard back either. Maybe she’s writing some new software that tracks our “stimulus” dollars at work.


  3. As a follow-up to this post, it appears there is an outside chance that Reichart and Murray have read it. Within a couple days Dave Reichart made a suprise guest appearance on KIRO Radio’s “Dave Ross Show” explaining his position(s) with regrads to the proposed stimulous package.

    I didn’t see Patty Murray show up in the media, but I culd have missed it. She did, however, send me an email reply thanking me for my support of her efforts on behalf of veterans. I think she sort missed the point.

    Maria Cantwell? Still MIA as of this writing. If I’m wrong, staighten me out.

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