Wing Nut Attorney Buries Gold Bar…….Because She Can

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Local legal phenom, ambulance chaser and nut job Ann K. Block and her two cronies, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have managed to take the tiny city of Gold Bar to its financial knees through rumor, inuendo, lawsuits, and most notably incessant records requests. Why? Apparently because the can. Wielding her blog as the weapon of choice, Ann Block obsesses with every move, every breath of Gold Bar and Snohomish County officials.

As recently as November 10, 2011 she submitted a pertition to recall the Mayor of Gold Bar:

Here is an example of her handywork that caused one mayor to eventually resign:

Here’s a beaut! Activist files $10.5 million in tort claims against Gold Bar, county 

Activist’s website hammers away at Gold Bar, costs tiny town money

But here’s the best. This is where Ann Block gets a bit of her own medicine when the Court of Appeals shoots down her complaint against the US Dept of Labor because she got fired.…/10-35557.pdf

This is the type of activism that costs us all millions in tax dollars. It is a sick, obsessive power trip. This person and her pathetic cronies have no life other than to  attack unsuspecting parties BECAUSE THEY CAN.

The most insidious tool these wack jobs use is the “freedom of information act”. It seems there is no reasonable limit to what one can do once it is discovered how to use it as a weapon. We should consider how such abuse can be tempered. How can the law, which is basically a good idea, be amended in order to flag and stop abuse?

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  1. Block is just a horrid, horrid creature. Vile in every way. Despicable and loathsome. A festering sore and oozing pustule. Gross. Smelly. Cancerous. Did I mention vile? There are no redeeming qualities, none. Probably abuses children and goats. Embarrasses the LGBT community. Embarrasses attorneys, no small feat. Embarrasses liberals. Really, did I mention she is vile? Putrid. Also, incapable of being nice.

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